We provide customized security solutions with quality, trained manpower and latest security technology combined together to enhance security at our clients’ premises.

A.R. SECURITY SERVICES  PTE LTD was established with a vision of improving overall security in our clients’ premises  by closely working together with our clients, the Singapore Police Force and the Security Industry Regulatory Department.  We complement the Singapore Police Force by providing quality, trained manpower and security systems to secure our clients’ premises from all kinds of security threats.



We render the following services to our valued clients:

♦ Security Guard Services (Permanent and Temporary)Services
♦ Security Systems, Planning and advisory services
♦ Computerized Security Systems Integration - CCTV, Security products installation and maintenance.






Email: info@arsecurity.com.sg

Tel: 65-9220-5769

We provide services to your requirements. In consultation with you,
we will look for ways to improve our security at your premises.


• Age limit 26 to 60 year old
• Educational qualification - primary 6 and above, able to speak write English
• Working - minimum 2 years working experience and on the job training provided.

Security Officers are screened by SIRD Police Force Singapore.

Our security officers are deployed upon the approval by the licensing department (SIRD).
You hove our assurance that only screened and security vetted personnel are deployed
at our clients Assignments.

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