We  have served clients in Government, Semi-Government, Condominiums, Industries, Service Sector etc.
We conduct Security Survey to assess the Security needs of our clients and suggest the best possible solutions in terms of manpower and security systems.
We will prepare a Standard Operating Procedure which will form the basis for all security operations at our clients’ premises. All our guards will be briefed on the Standard Operating Procedure and the same will be followed very strictly.

All our guards are screened by Police for criminal records. All of them are trained in  Basic Security Skills.
All the guards are governed by the Standing Orders which forms the basic conduct of the security guards.

Our Operation Team consists of Operation Executives, Patrol Officers, Controllers etc.

They ensure proper deployment of all security guards, all the instructions in Standard Operating Procedures are complied with, co-ordination with the clients etc.

Our Central Control Centre operates 24hrs 365 days. It is the nerve centre of our operation.
The Central Control Centre is manned by our Controllers round the clock and ensures smooth operation at all our clients’ premises.
In case of emergency, our controllers work closely with the clients, the guards, the operation executives and the Police force to ensure prompt response  and restoration of normalcy at the earliest.






Tel: 65-9220-5769

We provide services to your requirements. In consultation with you,
we will look for ways to improve our security at your premises.


• Age limit 26 to 60 year old
• Educational qualification - primary 6 and above, able to speak write English
• Working - minimum 2 years working experience and on the job training provided.

Security Officers are screened by SIRD Police Force Singapore.

Our security officers are deployed upon the approval by the licensing department (SIRD).
You hove our assurance that only screened and security vetted personnel are deployed
at our clients Assignments.

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